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A single father was looking for support when he was unexpectedly given full time care of his 2 very young children by their mother.  This father had to stop working to care for his children and needed practical ideas on their developmental needs as well as their day-to-day care.  The father has engaged with the program, bringing the children to Playgroup. The Playgroup environment has offered dad the opportunity to explore and play alongside his children while connecting with other parents. Dad previously stood back, but now he is engaged, he plays with his children more and the children readily show affection and closeness with their father.

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COVID-19 (Corona) virus update

Our Management team are monitoring the situation daily and making adjustments to ensure your health and wellbeing is our number one priority.

We have undertaken the following steps to do our part in helping stop the spread of this virus:
- We have encouraged anyone who is sick or feeling sick to not enter the building.
- We encourage anyone entering the building to observe stringent hand washing procedures.
- All surfaces are being disinfected on a regular basis.