A student approached one of our Chaplains, and started discussing what he thought about suicide. He shared what he was feeling, and that he had been suicidal at some stage. After an hour discussion, he walked away with a different perspective, having hope for his future. 

making a difference

A year 7 kid with anxiety, stopped coming to school for 4 months because he had been bullied. He previously went to a School where we have a Chaplain in. After mentioning he went to this school and the Chaplain’s name – he finally started opening up, started talking. Because of that trust built from the previous Chaplain, he was now able to open up to the new Chaplain. His attendance is back up, and has made lots of new friends.

After a fight between 2 boys had happened at lunchtime, the bell rang and one of the boys was hoping to get into class and cause more trouble. One of our Chaplains was in the right place at the right time, and was able to sit with this student until he calmed down and was ready to go back to class.

Help Support a Chaplain

What we Do

Chaplains have been assisting with family breakdowns, and supporting families by directing them to HCS for emergency relief, and the Brighter Futures program.

Chaplains also support the wider school community i.e. helping school counsellors and staff in offering welfare services and support incases of bereavement, family breakdown or other crisis and loss situations.

OUR Schools

  • Windsor High School
  • Windsor Park Primary School
  • Richmond Public School
  • Ellison Road Public School


OUR Chaplains

We support the staff and students in a variety of ways:

  • Planning & running anti-bullying days, RU OK day, Welfare week.
  • Helping staff with vaccination day,  School photo day. 
  • Handing out free food at lunch / recess.
  • Recess & lunchtime activities/sports.
  • Classroom support- helping with reading & literacy groups. 
  • Helping with Swimming/Athletic Carnivals. 
  • Practical assistance in the Music Rooms – HSC music performances, and teaching students how to play instruments. 
  • Assisting with the Well-Being Survey across the School. 
  • Meeting with parents and students to support wherever possible. 
  • Attending and assisting in Open Nights/ Presentation Nights / School Concerts. 
  • Extra supervision at bus duty.
  • Connecting families in need to HCS and other local organisations. 
  • Support in the Special Education Support Unit.
  • Be a group leader in Year 6 Transition days.
  • Attend Welfare meetings. 
  • Helping students with homework. 

OUR programs

  • Breakfast Program – Approx 350 students a week are fed breakfast. 
  • Shine Program – Approx 80 girls a year complete this program. 
  • Strength Program – Approx 80 boys a year complete this program. 
  • Lunchtime Program – “Soul Purpose” (Christian Interest group)
  • Playgroup
  • Music Band Program 
Macquarie St & Brabyn St,
Windsor NSW 2756