A lovely lady about 60 years old came in and said to our volunteer staff “before I heard about you guys my family and I sometime went without food for an entire week”.



A young mum with a small son loves to come because he can sit safely in our enclosed child-proof fenced off back verandah area while she shops. Her son loves the routine of coming inside, getting a free cup of milk and a biscuit then sitting outside with our volunteers whilst his mum shops. Mum feels safe doing this with her son each week as she said “the volunteers have won the trust of both me and my son”.

making a difference

what we do

Strong Nation Community FoodCare is a non profit organisation that provides a variety of groceries to low income families at a fraction of a price.

It is open to anyone on Centrelink Benefit Cards. A registration fee of $2 per financial year is required with first shop. This entitles you to shop and receive free bread and fruit and vegetables after you spend a minimum of $10.

The FoodCare program caters for approximately 60 families a week, with an average of 4 per family; that is 240 people. 3 meals a day means 720 meals a day and over a 7 day week that is 5040 meals a week that we supply for our community. 

Our clients have said on numerous occasions that without us they would not be eating as well or if at all. 

Macquarie St & Brabyn St,
Windsor NSW 2756